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January 20, 2016
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January 25, 2016
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bad weather

While you are enjoying the change of seasons, your roof is constantly being exposed to extreme changes in temperature and the harsh elements of the weather.


  • Freezing temperatures and snow take a toll on both the surface material and the structural components of your roof. Water that finds its way into a crack will freeze and then expand, making the crack bigger and more of a problem when the snow and ice melt. Large amounts of snow and ice can put too much weight on the roof and cause structural damage.


  • Rain and the undetected damage created by winter can cause serious harm to your roof. One small hole can allow water to migrate throughout the underside of the top weather protective layer (the roof membrane). And if trapped, the water can deteriorate the supportive layers, causing mold or other more serious and expensive structural damage.


  • Blistering heat and UV radiation causes roofing materials to break down over time. Summer is also the season when other contractors may be on your roof performing work to your mechanical systems or masonry surfaces. Foot traffic can cause damage to your roof system if your roof surface does not have the proper protective roof surface material.


  • Falling leaves and debris can clog roof drains leaving water nowhere to go. Since roofs are not designed to be retention ponds, it is vitally important that the drains, scuppers, gutters and downspouts are cleared and the water properly evacuates.

 Preventative Maintenance

 Roofs are meant to protect your business and your assets from the elements, but what protects your roof? Managing your roof investment requires a proactive approach.

Pinkston–Tadd Maintenance Program has multiple benefits:

  • Performing regular inspections eliminates costly surprises.
  • Identifying roof problems early, before they turn into major expenditures.
  • Establishing a planned and organized approach to roof maintenance will simplify your capital budgeting process.
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