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January 25, 2016
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January 28, 2016
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Maintenance Program

(Within reasonable distance of DeKalb, IL)

Inspection Program - Identifies Potential Problems

Recommended for all roofs, new and old.  This helps us provide a history of the system.

Initial Inspection to Include:

  • Photos
  • Roof Drawing
  • Inspection and Condition Report with an 85 Point Check List

Semi-annual /Annual Inspections to Include:

  • Roof History and Condition Report with an 85 Point Check List

Maintenance Program– Eliminates Crisis Situations

Recommended for roofs, 3 years and older.

Inspection Program Services

Preventative Maintenance Procedures

  • Clearing debris from drain strainers or gutters
  • Caulking heat stack collars
  • Minor caulking of counter flashing material

24-hour emergency leak repair service (billed at an hourly rate)

Basic Maintenance Items (customized to your type of roof system)

  • Resealing openings at base of flashing projections
  • Resealing openings at vertical seams of wall and curb flashings
  • Re-fastening and caulking of roof related sheet metal
  • Top off pitch pans
  • Tighten collars on pipe penetrations
  • Re-fasten loose panels of HVAC equipment

Extended Warranties available

Roof Management Program– Prolongs the Life of Your Roof

Recommended to optimize roof investment.

  • Inspection Program Services and Comprehensive Roof Condition Index (RCI)
  • Non-evasive Moisture Invasion Inspection available
  • Limited Warranty on Pre-Qualified Roof Systems

 *Note:  Each roofing system is unique and has slightly different, basic maintenance requirements. Your specific needs will be outlined on your maintenance agreement.


Roofs that are maintained from the date of installation have a lower maintenance cost than those that are permitted to deteriorate for several years. Weather conditions, pollution and heavy foot traffic take a serious toll on roofing systems. Minor problems should be corrected before they become major ones.



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  • Clear debris from drain strainers or gutters
  • Caulk heat stacks
  • Caulk counter-flashings
  • Reseal openings at base of flashing projections if previously repaired by Pinkston Tadd, Inc.
  • Reseal openings at vertical seams of wall and curb flashings
  • Re-fasten and caulk roof - related sheet metal
  • Reseal pitch pans
  • Tighten and caulk collars on pipe penetrations
  • Refasten loose panels on HVAC equipment
  • 24-hour emergency leak repair service

Extended Warranties are available

 Other benefits:

               . Prolong the life of the roof system

               . Avoid emergency situations

               . Reduce leaks and repairs

               . Plan for capital expenditure

               . Safeguard the owners building investment

               . Maximize performance of the roof system

LIMITATIONS: Pinkston-Tadd’s maintenance plan is for minor repairs and routine maintenance and shall not cover the necessary expenses to repair and/or replace aspects of the roofing system.

  • Damage caused by fire, lightening, hurricane, hail, tornado, flood, earthquake or
  • Acts of God. (Force Major)
  • Damage caused by accident, vandalism, intentional act, negligence or failure to use reasonable care.
  • Damage caused by unauthorized modification to the roofing system
  • Moisture entering the roof system through walls, copings, structural defects, HVAC systems, any part of the building structure, or from adjacent buildings.
  • Damage to the system resulting from cracks or openings in the roof substrate.
  • Color changes in the system as the result of normal weathering or atmospheric conditions.



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