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February 29, 2016
March 1, 2016
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State of the Roofing Industry 2016

Commercial Profile

Like residential, roof replacements were again the main vehicle for revenue in 2015 among respondents, with 24 percent. However, unlike residential, new construction accounted for 11 percent and commercial repairs just 8 percent.

Nearly all of the commercial contractors reported using single-ply roofing (96 percent) with metal a distant second (74 percent). TPO remained the top product, accounting for nearly half of single-ply roofing sales, followed by EPDM (27 percent) and PVC (23 percent).

“With low slope roofs, TPO continues to gain more of the market share,” said Timothy Dunlap, president and COO of CentiMark. “Pricing pressures and relative low equipment costs have enabled entry into this market, making this roof system more of a commodity. We’re constantly looking for value-added services that we can provide to this roof system installation.”

In the metal roofing category, architectural standing seam (52 percent) accounted for more than half, followed by structural standing seam (18 percent). Nearly a quarter of contractors also selected ‘other’ in this category.

Exploring further into product type, the data shows single ply roofing (55 percent), low slope (13 percent), and metal (10 percent) account for the majority of commercial contractor sales. Conversely, concrete tile, garden roofing, slate, SPF spray foam, solar and wood shakes combined for less than 5 percent of all commercial sales.

Both residential and commercial roofing contractors also stayed diversified in 2015, with many offering services beyond roof installation. Seventy-nine percent of residential contractors and 65 percent of commercial contractors indicated they offered gutters. Skylights (74 percent residential, 62 percent commercial) were the second-most popular exterior systems. Vinyl siding (54 percent) and windows (48 percent) were the next highest on the residential list. Waterproofing (47 percent) and metal cladding (36 percent) were next for commercial contractors.


Source: Roofing Contractor.

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