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November 16, 2016
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When it was time for a new flat roof on our 25,000 sf production facility, out of 5 contractors who bid on our project, we decided to go with Pinkston-Tadd, Inc. mainly because unlike most contractors they did not try to push(sell) any specific type of roof or material, they gave us all available roof types and material options - explained in detail the advantages and disadvantages of each type of roof and material. Additionally, they had very competitive pricing and they were very professional, cooperative and addressed all of our concerns quickly and efficiently. They planned every detail from ordering the correct materials, color matching to our other building, hoisting everything necessary safely and with minimal disruptions to near by traffic, to correcting existing flaws with our roof penetrations, sky lights and even clean-up. Considering that the weather threw a couple of curve balls they finished the project couple of days ahead of schedule and on budget. In my 10 years in construction and 10 years in manufacturing environment I can easily say it's not often that a construction project goes this smooth.

It's been few months since they installed our roof and we are very happy with the work they did, they did it right the first time and did not have to come back even once.

I would definitely recommend Pinkston-Tadd, Inc. to anyone looking for a great roofing company.