Why Maintenance?

20 Good Reasons


  1. Protect the owner’s investment.
  2. Huge cost savings for proactive maintenance.
  3. Avoid interruption of the internal functions of the building.
  4. Add years of service to a roof system.
  5. Program of scheduled inspection
  6. Regular inspections lead to corrective action.
  7. Prevention of debris and vegetation.
  8. Damage, if detected early, almost always can be repaired for VASTLY fewer costs.
  9. Maintaining awareness of the roof condition and to provide regular systematic care.
  10. Competent personnel inspections at least twice a year provide peace of mind.
  11. Allows repairs to be made in the best possible weather.
  12. Inspections after major storms prove to be most wise (protects you from “Storm Chasers”).
  13. Small problems escalate over time until they become extensive and more expensive to resolve, if undetected.
  14. We offer testing of suspect areas with a “Tremex” impedance moisture detector.
  15. Your roof is one of the most costly components of your property.
  16. Your roof is one of the most neglected components of your property.
  17. Save money and reduce the cost spent on energy if built and maintained properly.
  18. Do you only maintain your roof on a crisis management basis?
  19. Do you think your guarantee is all-inclusive?
  20. Did you know your roof could be leaking and no signs would show inside?