TPO Recover – Standing Metal Seam

Modified – 3-Course – Aluminum Coating
October 6, 2016
Custom – Steel Work – Roof Hatch Safety – Insulation – Modified Repairs
October 5, 2016

TPO Recover – Standing Metal Seam


TMF Plastic Solutions, LLC

We were able to successfully perform a variety of tasks that ultimately allowed TMF the ability to experience safety and peace of mine through new structural strength to the facility and a watertight roof assembly that meets all local, state and international code. Throughout this project, we were able to provide these services:

  • Tear-out and repair of structural deficiencies in wood frame
  • Roof recover of standing metal seam manufacturing facility
  • Fully adhered thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) roof assembly
  • Custom, shop fabricated metal detail at edge of building
  • Complete tear-off and reroof of existing asphalt built up roof connected to main facility
  • Watertight assembly at expansion joint transition
  • Custom drain work which included new drain tapered insulation, drain target and drain head
  • Custom, shop fabricated gutter repair and replacement