Why Trust us?

About Us


Pinkston-Tadd, INC. has been built on 3 concepts:

  1. Extensive Expertise
  2. Excellent Customer Service
  3. Safe & Efficient Services

 Extensive Expertise:

Designing and building the best roofs possible.

  • Skilled team of roofing engineers, estimators, superintendents and foremen, Pinkston-Tadd has a combined work experience of over 175 years.
  • Certified roofing and service technicians with the ability to provide the level of expertise needed to diagnose and respond to any roofing situation.
  • State-of-the-art equipment and up to date processes and building practices keep our customers on the cutting edge of roofing trends and technological developments.

Excellent Customer Service:

Knowing what is important to our customers and making sure we deliver it, on time and within the budget.

  • As a fully bonded, licensed and insured contractor, Pinkston-Tadd has been providing top quality roofing services in the Midwest since 1991, while also conducting services in 28 different states in 2015.
    • As the territorial roofing contractor for one of America’s largest retailers for the last 17 years, with the responsibility for the repair and maintenance of over 200 facilities, Pinkston-Tadd has honed all of our internal processes, procedures and services. This has enabled us to provide all of our customers with a superior level of workmanship and responsiveness.
    • Long-standing customer relationships are a testimony to our commitment to the highest level of quality in workmanship with integrity and reliability.

Safe & Efficient Services

With the proper training, working efficiently can be synonymous with working safely.

  • Our safety and roof monitors are committed to the procedures and guidelines set forth by OSHA, to keep our crews and worksites safe.
  • Other safety guidelines we follow include: Fire safety, commercial building codes, E-verification, welding certifications and UL and FM tested and Energy Star approved.
  • From the time our estimators set foot on your roof to the time our crew sweeps up the last bit of debris from the job site, “Working safely and efficiently” will be our priority.